Commercial Vs. Underground - On Trying To Combine The Two

A friend recently contacted me asking my opinion on a music group she’d come into contact with who were going to be appearing on her radio show. [I won’t name drop because I haven’t asked permission for either parties for this blog!] She felt something may have been missing from their music and wanted to know what I thought. I listened to a rehearsal of one of their tracks to be honest actually expecting to be disappointed. It turns out it was quite the opposite, I was impressed! The vocalist was very good; upfront, in tune and radiating confidence. The MC’s in the group were decent too, reminiscent of my school days listening to UK Hip Hop (the likes of Skinnyman & Doc Brown). Even the beat was not shit… They’d gone for a sort of hybrid between UK Hip Hop & Dubstep.

Underground vs commercial. This argument often needs putting into perspective and I thought I should add some of my opinions on it.

She was right, something was missing and I believe it was something I notice a lot about collaborative underground music which is vocal-driven.
The group obviously had intention of appealing to a mass audience. I’m placing this judgement on the basis that I can imagine the two MC’s either producing or asking their producer to make something like UK Hip Hop from the 2003-07 era but give it a modern twist people listening to urban music now would appreciate, i.e. Dubstep. They then would have approached their very talented vocalist and explained the situation and she would have been very excited with the concept of this new hybrid idea. 

Here’s where some of my theories on commercial manufactured music & the conflicting underground music scene come into play. 

There’s two ways of approaching music as an artist. You can either manufacture it to appeal to the masses by being very focused on the current trends and musical fashions and adapting your art to that, or (as is the case with the majority of the music I love) you can make it to appeal to niche audiences or sometimes nobody at all & work your damned arse off trying to build a big enough scene around this music for it to break into the mainstream (this is how all EDM music in the UK has come to be popular).

Notice that I’m not slating either of these choices, good music can come out of both methods - problems only start arising when there is no soul in the music and it’s only made for the sake of business. 

Back to the point at hand. Commercial music has to be a particular clean sound following the musical trends of the current market, underground is more raw and experimental, taboo or unpopular. Both can contain emotion and soul but the clear differences are the intention to reach the mass market of pop trends or not.. Mix the two together and you either sound like a commercially directed artist who sounds slightly amateur or an underground artist trying to sell out. 

Either be underground and learn how to make your own business from your niche market, or be commercial and do less ‘hands-on’ work whilst focusing more on being a star whilst the professionals handle your business for you. 

Fed Up

I initially wrote this out stating a list of things I am fed up with but got to the  point in the following & remembered that I’m too oppressed (& brainwashed into thinking that I have to pent all of my feelings) to actually have the balls to flip out and tell the world & the people in it that they’re fucked up and that I don’t comprehend their stupid little socially trained minds and how they can just accept the way things are even if the only sense they make is bullshit. So excuse me for cutting the majority of my rant down to the last part it was initially intended to be, but I just don’t feel to share today.

"…I’m fed up of not talking about the way I feel because I feel like nobody cares or that other people have worse problems than I do. I’m fed up of not achieving the level of success people putting less emotion, feeling and effort into their vocation are reaching. I’m starting to feel old whilst looking at my idols’ early years of success and just feel like I’m failing and that I will never grasp the dream I’ve been battling so hard for for years regardless of how hard I work."


I see many beautiful women who could fit my taste, I just don’t want to be cheesy or cliche and be rejected for not knowing the stupid little pulling game properly. I need to find a new way to meet women. I want intelligent conversations not the mundane. I’d like to enjoy something memorable with them the first time we meet, even if the girl was to become a friend as opposed to anything more. People I meet on a night out seldom become close friends of mine and I rarely find myself wanting to see these people any time other than a night out.

'Getting fucked up pissed, chatting usual bollocks, sexing the bitch and then feeling uneasy the next day.' This seems to be the basic mentality of all the guys I know, I can’t justify accustoming myself to it. If I ever explain this to anybody they somehow get the impression I’m a soft or soppy nice guy with women, then my friends think I’m often an arsehole to women. I don’t see myself as either, I just have respect for women who have respect for themselves and try not to associate with women who take advantage of men or act too boisterous. Then if I can’t not associate with them for any reason, I tell them straight that they’re nasty examples of their gender.

I like cute & elegant girls who know how to think about things other than make-up, cock and MDMA. I need a girl who knows how to have a good time, be cute as fuck, sexy in intimate moments but still be classy and intelligent. I am not going to say there’s none out there because there is, I just don’t think they’ll go for the bullshit pulling techniques that works on skanks. 

A man is stronger when he has a woman by his side, I just want the right girl, it’s as simple as that. Don’t judge me for not spending as much time with women as other guys (or as much as I would like), I’m just meeting the wrong women in the wrong places and can’t maintain relationships with them because we don’t understand each others ethics.

I’m going to keep my eye open in other places other than bars & nightclubs and find reason to get to know girls there, that’s the idea for now.