Dream - The Girl Kidnapped By The Dentist?

I’ve got a cold again so it’s bonkers dream time.

In this dream I’m in hometown, except it’s all trippy and in a different age - 1800’s or something. All the layout of the street is the same except there’s older style buildings and the shops I’ve known to be there are replaced by other shops etc. The colour scheme through my eyes is pretty drab in colour, almost sepia.

I’m walking to a shop, in real life there’s a Savers there but in my dream it’s like an antique joke shop. As I approach the shop a kid in the back of a wagon carried by horses warns me that a young girl has been kidnapped and it’s my responsibility to rescue her. As I walk into the shop, not doing anything doesn’t even cross my mind and I just adopt the mission. I’m not even sure why I was going in this joke shop in the first place but whilst I’m in there I obtain a costume from the joke shop because I decide it might be handy for my mission, it was like a Phantom Of The Opera mask and cape. 

I leave the joke shop and meet the kid giving me my mission briefs again and he tells me that the girl is situated somewhere in a haunted house and that’s the only information he gives me. Thinking back now I just realised that as I was looking around the street it was only children in town and no adults. Suddenly everything goes dark and black and I see a dead tree in front of all these old buildings. I return back to the town I was in, forget the flash of darkness and head over the road to what I believe is the most haunted building in town, my starting point a Dentist surgery (in real life it’s a Game shop).

The Dentists is a 3 or 4 story building with a big door and plaque on. I open the door and go into a waiting room, it doesn’t have any seats or anything just a desk on its own, a set of stairs and a few doors. I somehow know that this locked door in front of me is the one I need to go in. It’s a quite small door and has a padlock on it and a sign. I can now see myself through my own POV and I watch myself break down the door. I watch myself go inside and wait in the waiting room at the same time. At this point I go around the back of a desk and try and get something out of the drawer. It’s funny because at this point the layout of the scene looks exactly like a Goldeneye mission when you have to disable a camera or something from behind a desk. A girl approaches me & I somehow manage to shake her. 

I then see myself come out of the door with an envelope, I catch a glance of what was in the room, a guy in a white dentist suit and mask with scalpels or something in his hand, a guy is in the chair topless and fat, looks like he’s been having surgery on his stomach or something. The guy I just spoke to was definitely not a dentist. After all this has been processed I’m as one person again and think nothing of the fact I’ve just separated myself into two versions of myself and then recombined. 

Around this time I wake up in a sweat.

Second dream I can remember where I’ve had to save a girl. What is it that my mind is telling me that I need to save, I don’t get it :/