Me Looking Like A Politician At Goodwood

Me Looking Like A Politician At Goodwood

At the races! 

At the races! 

I got a new suit. Thought I’d try it out with a bit of a mod attire :) Unfortunately the jacket is a bit tight so I’m going to get that changed over the weekend, but I thought I’d upload the pic so you get the idea :) 

I got a new suit. Thought I’d try it out with a bit of a mod attire :) Unfortunately the jacket is a bit tight so I’m going to get that changed over the weekend, but I thought I’d upload the pic so you get the idea :) 

Weekend Commencing 10/09/2011

Easy now,

This weekend was all about two formal suited occasions, both of which I really enjoyed.

Cousin Phil’s Wedding

On Saturday I attended my cousin’s wedding so would like to open this blog entry by saying congratulations to Phil & Jo Sampson! I had a wicked time and it was good to see the family I haven’t seen for ages and meet a few new people as well.

There were a few things that specifically went through my head on the evening that I have taken away. Firstly, there were a few people there that knew how to dance properly… I’ve decided I want to do the same, I love a boogy at a club but I want the confidence to have a proper intimate dance with a girl. 

Speaking to a Karate practitioner reminded me how much I want to be involved with a martial art. The confidence and discipline of martial artists always makes me think like… “Yeh, this guy can protect his family in a lot of tight situations and still knows how not to be a loose cannon over the power they potentially contain.” I’m all about that shit. 

So really those two last paragraphs make me look like an unconfident person who’s craving exercise, probably implying that I’m not getting enough! It’s more like I’m trying to be the best possible version of myself… I strive to exceed the norm, that’s my personal rule for living really.

Of course the most prominent thought at a wedding is the one of needing to find me the right girl so that I can have one of these ceremonies and have a cuppla kids and live happily ever after…

I haven’t really allowed myself to be a player like sometimes I could picture myself, I’m definitely more of a settle down with the right girl sort of guy. Romantic, trust me! I’ve just got to let fate play its path without letting opportunities escape me like I may have done in the past (or maybe letting those happen could be all part of fate on a bigger picture?).

It’s tricky looking for ‘the right one’ because I don’t want to try too hard to make something work with somebody whereby it’s potentially changing our personalities, but I also know that the boat has to be pushed out so that the two of you can grow and change together…

Sometimes I think having an artistic and creative nature is restricting when it comes to relationships, I don’t want my mind to be altered or my time to be sacrificed enough for it to effect my creativity in a negative way. I also think about all the plans I have which are gradually becoming realities and taking up my time, I wouldn’t want to schedule my relationship into my calendar like I do everything else in my life, I’d want to give my girl my undivided attention, but I think the same about my music & business… Is this just something that naturally sorts itself out in a relationship? You hear so much about relationships going badly because either side work too much and not enough time is spent together. I suppose if feelings can last through tests like this, that’s when you know they’re ‘the right one’?

Lewie’s Christening

Today I attended one of my best mate Malcom’s son’s christening! Although I find it a little hard standing in church (especially after listening to a bit of  Kanye and Jay Z’s new album) being a fairly passionate atheist, it was still a nice event. It was good to catch up with all my pals there actually, haven’t seen any of them for a while and good to see little Lewie, it’s going to be funny watching him growing up as I’ve known his Dad since I was like 11/12…

After the christening, over party food, I had a little discussion with the owner of the ‘Rosie Lee Cafe’ in Bognor and we were talking about maybe putting together an after-club food session in the cafe, specifically marketed at a composed young adult audience. I know a lot of people love a kebab or some other crap food after going to the club so I suggested it might be a good idea to open the cafe for a while after club hours so that people can go back there, sit down for a while to munch a bacon & egg sarny, full english or maybe even a burger, whilst being able to choose tunes on a jukebox (or a DJ) and play a fruity or quiz machine. Maybe try and clear a few of the tables away for a few hours so there’s a little post-club dancefloor. Obviously all of these ideas depend on the space and the licenses that can be obtained, it’s a good idea in terms of potential profit for the Rosie Lee and gives a place for young adults to go and chill out after nightclubbing, but I think there’d need to be some sort of benefit to the community for it to be put forward which I can’t think of right now, but even as just a take-away I think it would be decent. Would love to hear what people think of this idea and any suggestions! 

The End of the Weekend

As a final addition to the weekend, as I always do when I’m off having a good time elsewhere; I’m feeling a little detached from music, I hate it when I can’t make tunes whenever I want and that’s the downturn to earning money to support my label which hopefully in the future will allow me to focus solely on music again. Amongst a few other things I HAVE to do this week (gym training every other day being a specific), I’m definitely going to make an effort to start and finish at least 2 new tracks. I’m going to chill out and watch this weeks ‘Doctor Who’ now, maybe work on a bit of a track, maybe watch a bit of ‘House’, start reading a new book and then get at least 7 and a half hours sleep in to get up for the gym tomorrow!

I need to start taking my camera out with me so that I can take pictures to go with my blog, keep it from looking so essay-like!